12 Things You Should Know Before Heading to Barbecue Nation

12 Things You Should Know Before Heading to Barbecue Nation

  • 30 Sep 2016
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Everyone has a buffet anecdote to tell. We love buffets, whether they are at a wedding, a family dinner or a corporate function. We love to see the multiple options to choose from and are experts at loading the plate. So obviously everyone is excited that Barbecue Nation is in Kochi. The concept restaurant chain has an ardent following nationally. So before we pull out our Maman's wallet and head to MG Road, these tips will help you not to make any barbecue faux pas.

1. It is a buffet restaurant

Barbecue nation has a fixed menu. You can either go for the nonveg option or the veg option. That's it. Which means all you have to do is sit down and say veg or nonveg. Saves so much of time, doesn't it? But be sure you mention if you have any food allergies. 

2. Reserve your seats

This is a popular restaurant, so make sure you book your table well in advance. We suggest you book at least a day in advance. Otherwise, you will be stuck in their not so entertaining waiting area, tempted by the aroma wafting through the entrance. We wouldn't wish that on anyone, would we?

3. Park Right

Though we would suggest that you take a radio taxi to the busy and soon to be clogged with monsoon MG Road, if you insist on taking your car, they have basement parking. Don't park in front of Pantaloons, because they will make you move.

4. Beware of odd numbers more than 3

This one might sound odd, but it has to do with the tables at Barbecue Nation. The table is a large one for minimum four guests with their famous grill in the center. So get a bigger table and not an extra chair for the odd one out. If there are 5 or 7 or 9 members in your group, one person might feel a little disconnected the group. Also the food sharing will be...a little odd.

5. Spare the time

You are going to be spending a lot of time at this restaurant enjoying the grills, exploring the main course and trying out the desserts. We would suggest two and a half hours when you go with a group.

6. Dress Comfy

What does a buffet lover wear? elastic pants!! So prepared to stay comfortable after feasting on some delish grills.

7. Go Veggie

Don't be afraid to try the veg starters, because you might surprise yourself if you are a hardcore nonveg. Yummy paneer grill, pineapple, mushroom...its rather yum.

8. Operate Separate

If you or one of your friends are a pure vegetarian, make sure you ask for a separate grill, dips and utensils. 

9. Verse Converse

The waiters at the joint are very friendly and all too ready to explain why Barbecue Nation is a concept restaurant. So be ready to hear the explanation or you can politely refuse. Knowing Hindi is helpful as most of the waiters will easily converse with you in that language.

10. Skip the buffet

Wait, what? Exactly. Most of the Barbecue Nation goers suggest that the main course can be avoided as the unlimited grills are more than enough to your fill your tum tum. Just keep grilling and filling. Get your choice from the mutton, chicken, fish and other seafood.

11.Crave for the Kulfi

Once you are done with your grills, move straight to the kulfi counter. They have various types that you will love. Try the other desserts only if your tummy is not full.

12. Here is a tip

Don't tip. The service charge is already included in the bill of 4%. So even if you dish out the bucks, the nice people there won't accept it apart from your bill that can be paid by cash or card. 



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