I dream to Conquer- says Poornasree, the child prodigy

I dream to Conquer- says Poornasree, the child prodigy

  • 08 Sep 2017
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WKochi has a chat with child prodigy Poornasree Haridas about her musical journey and her new song Pranam

Text credits: Nikhil Wilson              Image Credits: Anand A N

Tell us about your journey into music.

My mother is a music teacher and that explains a lot of my music life. At the age of four, my parents took me to Sri Chandramana Narayanan Namboothiri at Perumbavoor, my father’s hometown. The students there were given a lot of opportunities to perform on stage and it helped me to gain confidence. It was at the age of nine that my parents came to know about an audition happening for a music reality show in Asianet. To be frank, at that time I knew only one song Kannuthurkkatha Deivangale. With God’s grace, I became the title winner of Little Masters. The very next year, Mohan Sithara sir gave me the opportunity to sing the song Annarakanna Va for the film Bhramaram. Like every singer, I was also very excited to sing for the first time in a Lalettan movie. From then, I started performing at stage shows in and out of Kerala and also abroad. Now I have given playback for about ten movies. Among these, Annarakanna Va and Thekko Thekkorikkal ( Vellaripravinte Changathi) were highly recognized.

I was a student of Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya, Kakkanad. The Principal and teachers in my school also supported me to a great extent. I was the Bhavan’s Kalathilakam for eight years. I was adjudged as the Best Female Singer in Sangeetha Mahayudham which was telecast on Surya TV and also in Tharolsavam in Kairali TV. In 2008, I won the VILAN Youth Icon of the year award and in 2010, I won the inspire film award for the best female singer. Without my family - my father Haridas PS, my mother Dr Sreeranjini and my sister Sreelakshmi, this journey wouldn’t have been possible.

Tell us something about your guru 

My guru is Sri Chandramana Narayanan Namboothiri. I have been learning music under his guidance since 2002 at Perumbavoor. His systematic training and sincerity have made me what I’m now. Some of the well-known musicians like Sri Madhu Balakrishnan, Sri Shankaran Namboothiri and Vivekanand are all disciples of my guru and I’m proud to be one among them.

Being a child prodigy, how does it feel to get recognized by famous artists in the industry?

Everything is God’s grace and it's indeed an honor to get recognized by great artists in the industry. The funniest thing is that I am 19 years old now and even now my audience and well wishers consider me as a child prodigy and I’m happy to hear that. All this love instills a sense of responsibility to meet their expectations in my musical career.

How did you feel when actor Jagathy commented that he wished you were born as his daughter? 

To be frank, at that moment I was not able to realize the greatness of his words as I was only ten years old then. But now, I consider it as an Oscar Award. It is undoubtedly one of the blessed moments in my life.

One of the best cherished moments you have had with your guru?

I always remain unsatisfied until I hear the words of appreciation from my guru after each of my performance. Those moments are the most cherished moments for me. The times when I have breakfast with my guru and his wife after my music class is also special occasions for me.

Tell us something about your latest song Pranaam.

A few months back, my guru announced his 60th birthday celebrations and that was when this idea of doing a music video as a tribute struck my mind. Pranaam is the result of the hard work of so many people. It took so much time for me to decide the song and the way to present it. After so many discussions I decided to cover the Carnatic composition Jagadodharana, followed by a guru sloka which was composed by the famous Carnatic Vocalist Prof Mavelikkara P Subramaniam. The other musicians who have played the instruments are professional artists in the industry. The song was recorded after two days of practice sessions. The video is directed by the famous photographer Subhash Maheswar and produced by Prabhal Kumar and Haridas PS. The song was recorded in My Studio, Kadavanthra. I’m so happy that I’m receiving good responses and comments for Pranaam.

What made you choose such a topic for your song?

I wanted to gift my guru something that is different from the usual materialistic gifts on his birthday. Pranaam is a guru Dakshina. With God's grace and the support of many, I was blessed to release this music video on his birthday, which fell on August 25.

Being a college student, how are you managing your music and your education?

I give equal importance to education and to music.  I have always been able to cope up with my studies. I believe that it was and is possible because of the support extended by my school, college, friends, and family. Music is my passion and education is a necessity. I cannot compromise one for the other.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I do not plan so far ahead in life. Till now, everything has happened on its own. But now I have dreams to conquer. My biggest dream is to become a well-known musician. I am doing my BCom second year in Sacred Heart College, Thevara. My next plan is to do MBA from a reputed college. Wherever I go, music will be there with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m singing for a stage show or for an album or a film. I will always sing for my satisfaction. I’m now concentrating more on independent music. For me, creating music is a bit more enjoyable than singing other’s creations. A recording studio of my own is also one of my biggest dreams. I cannot say that it will happen in the next three years but maybe after ten years.

Any particular genre of music that you want to learn?

I enjoy all kinds of music. But for now, I thought I will concentrate on Carnatic music, which I’m learning right now, and later learn Hindustani.       

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