Meet Kicha, a six year old from Kochi,  who is cooking up a storm on the internet

Meet Kicha, a six year old from Kochi, who is cooking up a storm on the internet

  • 07 Jul 2016
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Name : Nihal Raj

Popularly known as: Kicha, Little Chef Kicha (sort of like the James Bond of kid’s kitchens)

Alter ego: Grade 1 student

Age: 6

Claim to fame: Facebook bought his Mango ice cream video for $2000 and international media is going crazy

Where to find him: KichaTube HD on YouTube

Location: Kochi, Kerala

What is so great about the video: So here is this kid (5 years old at the time) who can wield a blender like Arya Stark can wield a sword. On top of that he shows you how easy it is to make an exotic flavored ice cream and has a ball doing it. With just a blender and induction stove, Kicha makes a few dishes that we are sure would give him a place at the Masterchef Junior Kitchen. Kicha’s effortless presentation and passion for cooking is enjoyable to watch. What more, in an era when #adulting is trending and people struggle with even making breakfast on their own, Kicha shows you with a charming smile that if he can do it, you can do it too. KichaTube is Kicha’s channel where the little chef shows you great recipes andshares his love for food. May be you should see for yourself!

Who watches these videos: his age apparently is no barrier to his audience. According to his father, Rajagopal who heads an ad agency in Kerala, Kicha’s audience ranges from kids to adults who want totry out these quick and yummy recipes. Kicha has been receiving a lot of messages on his social media pages, and Kicha replies to them all on his own.

How did this start? Kicha wanted to go to America to visit his inspiration Evan. Evan has his own YouTube channel where he does unboxing, or to us oldies, toy reviews. By the age of 4, Kicha was finding his way around the internet under the guidance of his parents. And he wasn’t just playing games or swiping at things, but paying attention and learning how things work on the big wide web.

At the same time, he was helping his mother Ruby, a home baker, around the kitchen. On a hot summer day, Kicha wanted a Popsicle. A four year old would have asked his parents, but Kicha started making it and that too with Coconut and Strawberries. Donning a little chef hat and an apron, Kicha fell in love with food on camera. Rajagopal put up the video online and the rest as you say, is history.

Here is a special from Kicha,

Going international: Kicha has been covered by AJ+, Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, and is a minor celebrity in the city he is from. There are even rumors of him appearing on international talk shows. His innocence, curiosity and tendency to burst into song while cooking has definitely attracted a lot of attention. Not scared to spill milk or make a mess, Kicha cooks the way you or I would. His mastery ofthe language and ease of conversation is more apt for a 12 year old. He loves to dine out and always has a lot of questions for the grown up chefs who are clearly impressed. Which 6 year old would wonder why reduced milk is not white? Kicha really loves food and flavors and had a great sixth birthday party with the theme Masterchef. He got his first professional kit and the little chef could not have been happier. Kicha is yet another pleasant surprise on the internet, cooking Rainbow Idlis and Jam Cookies as much as he loves playing with his favorite Skylanders.

Try out an international favorite recipe?

What did he do with the money? Kicha surprised his parents by wanting to donate a lump sum. With his parents he decided to make a donation towards the education of special needs kids. The rest goes into the bank account to fulfill his dream of visiting the USA.

What next? Kicha will be making more videos on cooking, sharing his thoughts and answering your queries online. He will also be going to school where he is an A student. Kicha’s parents are amazed by their son and continue to be inspired by him. They urge parents to listen to their kids and let them tell you what they love. Instead of chauffeuring them around town for classes they are not interested in. Kicha is ready to go down and play with his friends as life doesn’t change for the six year old, even with all the attention he has been getting. Ruby and Rajagopal make sure that their son and daughter stay grounded and yet use the opportunity that has come knocking. His sister Nidha, who is in her Bcom final year is a great support and the stereotypical big sister. We cannot wait to see what Little Chef Kicha has up his sleeves next. Catch him on YouTube at KichaTube HD.

Words: Maria John

Photos: Arun Menon & Jinson Abraham

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