Ten Signs Of A True Kochiite

Ten Signs Of A True Kochiite

  • 29 Apr 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

If you can check off everything on this list, you are a true Kochiite no matter where you are. 

Kochi is not just about those who were born here or brought up here. There are those who are from other places but have taken Kochi up as their home or there maybe those who moved away from the city but still hold it close to their heart. If the following things ring true for you, you know you are a true Kochiite at heart.

  1. Taken sides on Seemati vs. Jayalakshmi

    Picking sides between Seemati vs Jayalakshmi was worse than picking sides between Mammooty and Mohanlal. Any Kochiite (especially girls) would know that a true Kochiite will always prefer one of these over the other and defend them against all odds.

  2. Referred to Ernakulam South as “south”

    Someone who has spent enough time with Kochiites would know we always prefer to refer to Ernakulam north or south just by  “south” or “north”. We all have had people from other areas wonder why we start talking about general directions in this way.
  3. A favourite shop of your choice at Convent Street 

    Any girl who has had the pleasure of shopping in Kochi would have a favourite shop in Convent street.  Any place from Goodwill, Urvasi, Alphosa to Garden store and ABCD, most have a favourite shop.
  4. Lulu Mall proudly takes over the blame of every traffic block.

    Ever since Lulu Mall started up, Kochiites prefers blaming every block in the district on it. Even if the block is in a road that has no connection to Lulu mall,it is still blamed. 
  5. Having had to explain to those from other places that Kochi, Cochin and Ernakulam is all basically the same thing.

    For every non-Kochiite, what is the difference between Kochi, Cochin and Ernakulam is an unanswered question. Every Kochiite is subjected to the trouble of having to explain that all three are the same thing for all intents and purposes.
  6. Having to play host to any friends/relatives in town for “wedding shopping”

    Being the commercial capital of Kerala comes with its pros and cons. Getting a pick of the best available in the state is definitely a pro. But when any family or friends in other parts of Kerala has major wedding shopping to do, you know you will be playing host and enlightening them on the ‘n’ number of textiles and jewellers in the city
  7. Become indifferent to mosquito attacks

    On moving to Kochi, mosquitoes may have been your arch nemesis.  But once you have spent enough time here, mosquito attacks become just another thing you face on a daily basis.
  8.  Have “living in Panampilly Nagar” as an ultimate life aspiration

    Panampilly Nagar is the best residential area in the entire city.  They also house most of the choicest boutiques and best restaurants in the city, all the while still maintain the quaint suburban look.  If you earned you place to living in Panampilly Nagar, you have made it in life.
  9. Mocked “freaks”, but appreciated their self-confidence

    Kochiites often come across guys with radical hairdos and loud outfits and we may have teased about their looks, but still appreciate the way in which they express themselves through their attire.
  10. Love the city as a whole and not in parts

    Learn to love Kochi for more than its malls, and metro but rather for its run down old houses, old school tea shops that blast songs on the radio, the vintage appeal of Fort Kochi, the n number of bridges that take pride in its progress like a proud mother.

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