10 Things To Do In Kochi In 100 Rupees or Less

10 Things To Do In Kochi In 100 Rupees or Less

  • 06 May 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

Just when any city starts becoming a metro, people will start complaining that it is only fun if you can dole out money for all the experiences they have to offer, this seems to be happen to Kochi as well. Kochi is not just about mall hopping and eating at fancy restaurants. If you are willing to look close enough, there are more than enough ways to have a great time in Kochi frugally.

  1. Go on a Walk through Marine Drive Walkway

    A walk on the marine drive walkway is the most tourist like thing you can do in Kochi. Grab a friend and take a walk along Marine Drive while seeing fortune tellers, vendors selling knick knacks or snacks while enjoying the sight of water and the beauty of the Kettuvellam bridge.
  2. Attend An Event At Changampuzha Park

    Changampuzha park Samskarika Kendram is a society that the original Changampuzha would have been proud of. From movie screening, to musical events and classical dance performances, Changampuzha park has a plethora of events always on schedule. They rarely put on ticketed shows and do the events for the pure and simple reason of the love of arts.
  3. Have A Plate Of Egg Dosa At Pai Dosa Fast Food

    One would not know that dosa could come in so many varieties till you stepped into Pai Dosa. There are dosas of all range there and even if  you are looking at items priced less than 100, you will be spoilt for choice.
  4. Take A Trip By Ferry To Fort Kochi

    The idea of jumping onto a boat or ferry just for the sheer pleasure of it may seem crazy. But a ride on the ferry and then enjoying all that Fort Kochi has to offer comes at a price much cheaper than one would expect. Forget hundred, a trip up and down will cost you less than 10 rupees!
  5. Visit One Of The Many Art Galleries In Fort Kochi

    There is a reason why the Kochi Muziris Biennale happens in Kochi and that is the artistic soul of the city. Follow up the ferry ride with a visit to some of the wonderful Art galleries that Fort Kocih has to offer. Check out places like David Hall, Kashi, Backward Civilization and more.
  6. Drop By Shantilal.S.Mithaiwala For Their Masala Chai

    Have a glass of Masala tea and a plate of Ghatiya and Jalebi at Shantilal S. Mithaiwala at Mattanchery. Fort Kochi is home to many non natives who probably love this city more than those who were born here. The Shantilal S.Mithaiwala is a traditional Gujarati sweet shop selling the best of snacks that their cuisine offers at prices that could surprise anyone.
  7. Go To Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

    Called the “Green Lung of Kochi”, Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is 6.29 acres of calm and quiet forest recorded of having 72 species of birds, 17 species of butterflies, 51 species of spiders and more.  This sanctuary is located behind Ernakulam high court and is so secluded there are even rumours of it being the site of paranormal activities.
  8. Go to Subhash Park

    The park that most students were taken to from kindergarten has recently gotten a makeover with more entertaining rides and activities for visitors of all ages.
  9. Have a trip down the memory lane of the Kochi Rajas at Thripunithura Hill Palace

     With a meagre fee of Rs.20 for adults and Rs.7 for children, Tripunithura Hill Palace is a great way to spend a whole day enjoying the history and culture of the Kochi Rajas. If you go on a Tuesday, you might even get to see the royal crown!

  10. Volunteer your free time away with people who want to make a difference

    There are many volunteer groups within the city who are coming up with more ways to give back to the public and the city they live in.  Volunteering at these societies is a great way to do something charitable, as well as to spend time and make some new friends. Check out Anbodu Kochi, Thejus homes, Raising Our Voices, Guardians of Dreams, Make a Difference and more.


Compiled by: Fathima Abdul Kader


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